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Round and Round

Working with stamps is such a treat. It gives me a real buzz to know that each of those little stamps has been on a letter, sending news to someone and that they are still around today. Some people put them in an album but I love seeing them.

My client was looking for a quintessentially British picture for his London flat but didn’t know what he wanted. When I ran this idea past him, he loved it and gave me a free rein on the design.

"Maithili sourced a huge quantity of British Machin stamps to include Penny Reds and Penny Blacks, to create my London Bus. I especially love how when I stand back and look at it with squinty eyes, the pinks and reds and oranges, all blur to be the perfect shade of London Bus Red. It’s layered beautifully to give the picture depth and there is so much attention to detail, right down to the London Transport font used in “Tickets Please”. The wheels on the bus was my son’s favourite song – so the name of this piece is spot on."

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