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I inked my first pigeon, The Coup in the City soon after I decided to leave corporate life in London a few years ago. To me, they symbolise London and working in the city; something I missed terribly.

As I was inking and exasperating about the number of shades of grey I was trying to eek out of my one pot of Indian ink, I thought to myself…50 Shades of Grey. I smiled as I wondered what that pigeon might look like. And so the Loft of Pigeons was born; based on nothing more than a love of London and silly names.

A4 £40, A3 £70, A2 £100

Homing Pigeon
Just Coo It
Racing Pigeon
Roller Discoo
Bird Song
Skate Wing
Pigeon Street
50 Shades of Grey
The Coup in the City

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