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Most of my stamp commissions are for countries. Of all the countries I’ve created, I think India is my most favourite. A country’s postage stamps often reflect the spirit of that country and this is especially true of India. The hue of the antique stamps are reminiscent of those seen in vintage Indian art or travel posters; they depict news of that time, be it India’s colonisation, its industrial revolution, its religions or its independence. They tell stories in themselves, behind which are the hidden tales of the news they carried. I’ve created a number of Indias and each one is unique because they have references to the clients they are made for.

"I was born in India and grew up there during the latter years of the British Raj. Despite living in England for several decades and bringing up my family here, India is still very close to my heart. Maithili used stamps I collected during my childhood and others she carefully sourced herself, to symbolically mark out special places. The stamps themselves are so nostalgic and remind me of our khitmagar bringing our post into the drawing room. Having what is essentially a patchwork of India’s history and my childhood, hanging on our wall, is such a precious reminder of days gone by."

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