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I like all things vintage. Stuff that has a past, been preloved and has a story to tell. The pieces in this series were prompted by items around my home that were all, in their time used to capture and communicate those nuggets of day-to-day news and family moments. I wanted to depict the transparency of communication in a contemporary way. The twiddles in these original illustrations, have evolved into words in subsequent commissions, giving the pieces an extra dimension and the potential for my clients to make them truly their own.


Prices below are for unframed prints. Framing is available on request.

A3 Prints £75, A2 Prints £120



British Summer Time is a black and white inking of a bumblebee I found in my studio. He was nestled in a bunch of bright flowers, given to me by my friend to, wish me luck for my first exhibition. He is a firm favourite of mine and began my series of bees.



This is a blinged up version of B.S.T. Using glitter and gold ink, each fine art print of B.S.T. is embellished by hand, to create this sparkly bee. She is fun but classy and the glitz adds a definite splendour to the piece.



This is a more contemporary take on the humble bumblebee, with his clean, black lines and gold finery. He looks great on his own or as some clients have displayed him, as part of a collection of my different styles of bees.


Her Majesty​

This illustration has enjoyed a really wide appeal. I’ve seen her fitting in perfectly in children’s rooms or playrooms, in cloakrooms or cosy nooks and in pride of place, above fireplaces. She is available in pencil, colour and in black and gold ink, in a variety of sizes, making her versatile and affordable.

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