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Racing Lines

The Crossed Wires series realised my love of line drawings and of illustrating vintage objects in a contemporary way. I have taken these loves and applied them to Racing Lines; a series of iconic classic cars. I know nothing about cars – I can barely check my tyre pressure…but I love the lines and shapes that make them instantly recognisable and give them their character. This series has an inside-out vibe to it, that has allowed me to capture not just the silhouette of the cars but some of their internal features too. There is a detailed simplicity to this series that I’ve really enjoyed creating. 

Whether you are an owner of one of these beauties or an admirer of them, they make classy study pictures individually and look super cool as a collection too. 

Commissions taken for specific makes and model on request.

A3 Fine art prints £75 and printed to fit standard frames. Alternative sizes of prints available as required. 



Porsche introduced the streamlined shapes and bucket seats that have become synonymous with its design to this day. So, clearly both needed to feature in my illustration. 

“Design must be honest and fulfil a purpose – only then will it endure”

~ Ferdinand Alexander Porsche



The billowing curves of this car are racy in every sense of the word.   


“It exudes the same aura of sensuous danger of Lara Croft curled up asleep with a samurai sword….this is a car you wear, and you can’t help but parade in it”

~ Richard Hammond



The boxiness of this beast is just masterful. I love how it exudes strength and endurance. For me, the solid, utilitarian feel and the suspension it rides on were core characteristics to bring to life in the inking. 

“The best 4 x 4 x far”

~ Land Rover Defender slogan



Come on…this baby needs no introduction


Bond:   Ejector seat? You’re joking!

Q:        I never joke about my work, 007.

 ~ Goldfinger (1964)



My affinity to this car might be because of our shared tininess or perhaps it’s because I’ve had the privilege of owning one. Or maybe it’s because my husband also describes me as a mini adventure. Whichever way, they all contribute to how I’ve chosen to frame this piece….to celebrate its size and with plenty of space for its personality. 

“Hang on a minute, lads; I’ve got a great idea”

~ Charlie Craker. The Italian Job (1969)


Fiat 500 Cinquecento

I adore this dinky little drive – perfectly formed and super cute! I was lucky enough to tour some of the lesser-known tourist spots of Rome in a cheeky, red, vintage Cinquecento. I was linked by walkie-talkie to my Italian guide, who led the way at pace, in his pink classic fiat 500. The vision of this minisculo motor, roller skating the corners of the cobbled streets of ancient Rome is a treasured memory.

“When form and function meet. And begin a torrid love affair”  

~ Fiat 500 advertising slogan


Austin Motor Car

Be it the A30 or A35, this little family car is as bubbly in shape as it is in character. It is no wonder the A35 van was featured as the Anti-Pesto van in the classic British Wallace and Gromit animations. My inkings don’t feature Wallace’s ingenious cassette toaster but they do observe its revolutionary chasissless design and comforting curves.

“The small car with the great big heart”
~Austin A30 advertising slogan

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